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Sri Mudikondeswara Temple, Mudigundam, Chamarajanagar District, Karnataka.

The visit to this temple at Mudigundam was a part of our Chozha period temples Visit on the ancient trade route from Chamarajanagar to Kollegal ( Gangapadi ), in Karnataka State. During Chozha period this place was the capital of Mudikonda  Chozhamandalam ( a part of Gangapadi ), Hence it obtained the name as Mudikonda, which has corrupted to the present name of Mudigundam.

Moolavar  : Sri Mudikindeeswara.

Some of the Salient features of this temple are.....
The temple is facing east with an entrance arch and stucco Nandhi is over the arch. Moolavar is on a Square avudayar. A water pot is hanging on the top to drip water at regular intervals. In Koshtam Dakshinamurthy ( on the back is Pichadanar fixed on the wall ), Maha Vishnu, Brahma and Durgai.

In Prakaram Chandikeswara ( in standing posture facing west ), Ambal sannadhi, Navagrahas, Nagars, Chandran and Suriyan.

The temple consists of Sanctum sanctorum, antarala and artha mandapam. A Vimana is over the sanctum with out any stucco images. The sanctum sanctorum was built on a simple Padabandha adhisthana. The temple was renovated with out doing alteration of the adhisthana. Happened to see an Tamil inscription on the floor.  

Ambal is in a separate temple with sanctum sanctorum and ardha mandapa. A small Vimana is also on the sanctum sanctorum. 

The original temple was built during Chozha period by the traders. This place was called as Mudikonda Solapuram alias Desi Uyyakondapattinam.  This and four others below the inscriptions in Tamil and Grantha characters of 13th Century engraved on the pillars are in Tamil.

This mentions that Tiruvarangaperumal son of Kipa. Peruvaniyan-kuttandai of Mudigonda solapuram alias Desi-uyyakondapattinam, got the pillar made at the cost of 3 gadyanas.

An incomplete inscription refers to an individual ( name lost ) of Perumarudur Puduppalli who got a pillar made.

Another inscription records that a pillar was the gift of Siramadevan, son of Ayupillai of Perialttur.

The donor of this Pillar was Pattividivandai of the Village Ogaiyur.

Another Inscription gives the names of the donor of the pillar and of his father. But they are only partly preserved. It refers to Marudur.

Since orukala pooja is conducted the closing and opening times are unpredictable. 

This place Mudigundam is on the bus route Chamarajanagar to Kollegal. 37 KM from Chamarajanagar, 3 Km from Kollegal, 63 KM from Mysore and 143 KM from Bangalore.

LOCATION OF THE TEMPLE : CLICK HERE ( GPS Co-ordination   12.142887,77.092752 ).

Durgai - in koshtam
Dakshinamurthy - Pichadanar is on the back
Maha Vishnu in Koshtam
Brahma - in koshtam
Monkey stucco relief on Ambal Temple entrance
Inscription on the Kumuda
Inscription on the floor slab - may be done during renovations

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