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Sri Kapileshwara Temple / Sri Kapaleeswaramudayar Temple, Ambale / Amble, Chamarajanagar, Karnataka.

The visit to this Shiva temple at Ambale was a part of our Chozha period Temples Visit, on the trade route from Chamarajanagar to Kollegal in Karnataka State ( Gangapadi ) . This place was once on the Trade route and now the temple is on the main road.

Moolavar: Sri Kapileshwara / Kapaleshwaramudayar

Some of the salient features of this temple are....
The temple is facing east with an entrance ( which is not being used ) and a stucco  Rishabam is on the top, built during recent years. Moolavar is of swayambhu on a square avudayar. A copper pot is hanging on the top of the moolavar to drip water slowly. A Nagar bas-relief panel is kept in the sanctum. Vinayagar and Lord Shiva with Parvati are in the artha mandapam.

The Temple looks typical Chozha Period temple. The temple consists of sanctum sanctorum, antarala, artha mandapam and an entrance mandapa. Stucco image of Lord Shiva with snake hood over the head is at the  entrance mandapa of the temple. Two elephant bas-reliefs are at the entrance of artha mandapam. The artha mandapam are supported by vrutha pillars with Chozha style vettu pothigai. 

A two tier dravida Vimana is over the sanctum sanctorum. The sanctum sanctorum was built with stone up to prastharam and the Vimana was built with stucco. Stucco images are in the grivam and there are no images on the Vimana. Sikaram is of Vesara style. Koshta niches are provided and they are empty now. Koshta niches are also provided The koshta niches are of sala type. The Pilasters are of Brahma kantha pilasters with Kalasam, kumbam, palakai etc. 

As per the inscription this place was called as Ambalai alias Solendrasimha Chathurvedimangalam in Padinad and Lord Shiva was called as Kavilisvaram Udayar.

The Hoysala king Veera Somesvaradeva period ( 1244 CE ), inscription records the grant of 100 Kuli land after purchase by kesi battar alias Ambalavar and Desiappan, son of Alvandai Chetti, resident of the village Siganganallur described as the kani-ur and grand son of Pattanasami ( Name not given ) of Ambalai alias Cholendrasimha Chathurvedi mangalam, in Padinad for food offerings to god Kavilisvaram Udaiyar and Burning of Perpetual lamp.

Another damaged inscription of Hoysala King Someswaradeva 1251 CE inscription records that  a provision was made for burning perpetual lamp to god Kaviliswvaramudayar, by the Mahajanas of Solendrasimha Chathurvedimangalam in Padinad.

Since orukala pooja is conducted the closing and opening times are unpredictable.  

This place Amble / Ambale  is on the bus route Chamarajanagar to Kollegal. 19.8 KM from Chamarajanagar, 20.8 Km from Kollegal, 59.4 KM from Mysore and 161 KM from Bangalore.
LOCATION OF THE TEMPLE : CLICK HERE ( GPS Co-ordination     12.0302266, 77.0115983 ).


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