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Valupur Amman Temple / Valuppuramman Koil / Arulmigu Valupuramman Kovil / வலுப்பூரம்மன் கோவில், Vanavanjeri , Alagumalai, Kandiankoil, Tiruppur District, Tamil Nadu.

The visit to this Valupur Amman Temple at Koduvai was a part of “Kongu Nadu Heritage Visit to Temples, Hero stones, Ayyanar and Jyeshta Devi Sculptures around Kangayam” in Tiruppur District. This place was called as “Melai Chidambaram” during ancient times.

Main Deity : Sri Valuppuramman

Some of the salient features of this temple are...
The temple is facing north with a Deepa Sthambam. In between Deepa Sthambam and Temple entrance there is a banyan tree with a platform and  two swings. Lot of stucco / suduman images are kept on the platform which are offered by the Devotees as a part of Thanks giving for their wishes are fulfilled. The temple entrance is with a small mandapam.  Stucco image of Amman is on the top of the front Mandapa.

Amman is in the sanctum looks in peaceful mood.  There is no Koshta images. On the back side of the wall images of Murugan with Valli... ( ? ). Kannimars, Vinayagar and Horses of Karuppanasami, Karuppanasami, Pechiamman are in the prakaram. There are three horses with some suduman / stucco images, on the right side of the temple.

The temple complex consists of sanctum, artha mandapam and a open mukha mandapam. The Temple was re-built during recent years. The construction is of typical Village style and not followed any temple architecture. The sanctum is of rectangular with a ekathala vimana is on the sanctum.  Stucco images of Ambal, Vinayagar, Murugan are on the Vimana.   

It is believed that the temple was built  during 11th to 12th Century during Vikrama Chozha period. The same was reconstructed during recent years. A 20th Century inscription is found in front wall of the temple. Kannimar was installed in the year 2000 and Maha Kumbhabhishekam was conducted in the year 2015.     

As per the legend The Chozha King Vikrama Chozha’s daughter was suffering from a decease called Epilepsy. When the decease couldn’t cured by the Kings Doctors / Vaithiyars, Pandits advised the King to take his daughter to a place called Melai Chidambaram, in Kongu Nadu, where the decease will be cured.

On his way in Kongu Nadu, he and his people stayed in this place. In that night Valupur Amman came in the Kings dream and told him to get Vibhuti from “Vetkovar” and apply on her daughter. Next day the King applied Vibhuti, which he got from Vetkovar and miraculously the decease was cured.  The King made Amman  out of mud and prayed. He also named his daughter as “Valupur Amman”. From then onwards the people believes that this Amman will cure epilepsy, if prayed her. Devotees also prays Amman to get relieved from marriage obstacles, Child Boon and epilepsy related to any parts of the body. As a part of Thanks giving, people offers Pongal to Valupuramman, sacrificing goats / cocks to Karupparayan, tie the mangalsutra, hung the cradle & bangles. Etc, on the banyan tree. 

Apart from regular poojas special poojas are conducted  on Sundays,  Wednesdays, 18th day of Aadi month, Brahmotsavam in the month Thai Chariot festival, Pournami ( full moon days ), and Amavasai ( no moon days ). Goats & Cocks are sacrificed for this Valupuramman on these days to Karupparayan.

The temple will be kept opened between 06.00 hrs to 10.00 hrs and 17.00 hrs to 20.00 hrs.

The Mobile number +91 9842939034 and Land Line number +91 421 2219730 may be contacted for further details.

The Valupuramman Temple is at Vanavanjeri.
The temple is 15.4 KM from Kangayam, 22 KM from Palladam, 21 KM from Tiruppur, 35.3 KM from Dharapuram, 59 KM from Coimbatore and 457 KM from Chennai.
Nearest Railway Station is Tiruppur.



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